Who is "The Painting Fiddler"?

"The Painting Fiddler" also known as "Satyakam" is a Violinist specialized in North Indian Classical music with his roots in India, The Netherlands and Suriname. At the age of 7, 1995 he started his learning Indian classical music and visual arts from two brothers (Satyaprakash & Dipti Mohanty) in Varanasi, India. From this moment he kept developing both the art disciplines in the countries of his several roots. Eventually he chose for a career in music where he learned at the conservatory of Rotterdam under Lenneke van Staalen, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Dhruba Ghosh. After his graduation he moved to India where he continued learning from the maestro's and ended up learning from the sarod master Biswajit Roy Chowdhury until present. As he was exploring the arts he could never stop drawing in his school books in highschool, during his studies at the conservatory or as a distraction when composing. In 2015 he picked painting again and the paintings started to pile up wherever he lived. Now the painter and the fiddler have come together and Satyakam is combining his concerts with his paintings.